Looking for a Great Dog Toy that is easy on your dog? You need to try the Chaser Dog Toys. We make our dog toys for those who care about their pets!
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Dog Disc  for Small Dogs to Large Dogs Chaser Soft Rubber Toys From: Honey & Papa’s Toy Co Opus & Abigail playing with Doggie Disc. Abigail picking the 7.5 Disc from the driveway by the Chaser’s Soft Top Lip Chaser Doggie Disc are not chew toys! Please do not leave your dog with Chaser Doggie Disc Unattended. Chaser Doggie Disc also flies well and can be used as a Frisbee. Chaser Doggie Disc will not cut your dogs mouth. Honey & Papa’s Toy Co. Produce Chasertoys; manufactured in the United States using high quality natural rubber. We produce a 6-1/2” Dia. Doggie Disc and 7-1/2” Dia. Doggie Disc in red, yellow and black. The Dog Disc is a toss toy that is easy for your dog to pick up from any surface because of the soft material and the unique design of the center lip.